Cameron's Story

Thank you for visiting Cameron’s Journey. Here you can expect to find updates on Cameron’s health as well as his progress with therapy and his day to day life.

At two months of age Cameron’s doctors discovered that his head was not growing properly and recommended that we take him to see a neurologist just to make sure everything was OK. The first appointment we went to they told us Cameron was fine and to return home. A couple of months later we realized that Cameron’s head was still not growing normally and he was not reaching his developmental milestones. We spoke to our family doctor and he suggested we go for a second opinion. At our second appointment the new doctor suspected that Cameron had Craniosynostosis. This is where the bones fuse together prematurely and the brain cannot grow. A CT scan later revealed that this was not the case. The doctor decided to do an MRI to further study Cameron’s brain. A couple of days after the MRI we received a phone call from a nurse telling us that Cameron had most likely suffered a stroke in utero. The exact words were “There is an abnormal generalized loss in white matter volume.” The nurse told me that the damage was done and to put Cameron in therapy-there was nothing they could do.
After discussing this with our Pastor we decided to try and get a second opinion. We finally got an appointment at a hospital in Houston and as of right now we have a team of three different doctors working together to try and figure out what is going on with Cameron. They don’t believe that he had a stroke. They think it is possible that Cameron has a brain disease and are doing a multitude of tests to get a proper diagnoses. The doctors told us that Cameron’s case is a difficult one, but that they are going to do everything they can.
We are confident that the doctors are working hard to help Cameron and are anxiously waiting to get news.
Cameron is currently going to therapy three days per week at Hope Therapy. We have wonderful therapists that work wonders with him. Cameron receives Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy 3 times per week and we are waiting on insurance approval to begin speech therapy as well.