Thursday, August 26, 2010

Prayers Answered

We went to Houston this past Monday to have more blood drawn from little Cameron's arms. I was completely dreading this as much as one possibly could because of how terrible it was last week. He had cried and screamed and thrashed and was bruised afterward. Since that was such a traumatic experience I had asked everyone I encountered to be praying for us for that day. We prayed for Cameron, the nurses and our nerves!

When we got to the LabCorp to have the blood drawn I was disappointed to say the least to be told that we were going to have the same nurse that couldn't hold herself together the week before, but I just tried to take a deep breath and give her another chance. To my amazement Cameron did AMAZING! Not one single tear! It was the exact opposite experience. I couldn't have asked for a smoother appointment. He was a trooper and we were only there for 30 minutes. They got all of the samples they needed to do all of the blood related tests. Thank you Lord! I know that he is the true reason that everything went so well.

Now we are just waiting to hear back from the Hospital as to when we go for more testing.

Even bigger news: Today is Cameron's First Birthday! Even through all of the trials and heartache we are going through I could absolutely not ask for a better child. He is such an incredible blessing in our family and I don't know where I would be with out him!

We went to have Cameron's photo's taken this AM with Bri Wachsmann. She is amazing. What a talented woman! I highly recommend her for any occasion!

She sent me a preview of a couple of the photos that she took. I hope she doesn't mind me sharing one of them on here because it is just to fantastic not to!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Third times a charm?

Well, we went to Houston this past Thursday to meet with Cameron's new doctor and thankfully we weren't disappointed. This is the third opinion we have gone for. The hospital was beautiful and instead of just having one doctor Cameron was given the royal treatment and got three all to himself! They were very attentive and asked us so many questions which is nothing new to us, but they even brought up things we have never encountered before. They were very thorough with their questioning as well as with examining Cameron.

They don't agree that Cameron had a stroke, but they aren't ruling it out completely as of yet. They ordered a dozen or more tests to be done (MRI, MRS, EEG, Metabolic Testing, Genetic Testing, Spinal Tap....). I worry for my little guy to have to go through all of these tests, but I know that it is going to help him in the end. The more we know about Cameron's condition the better-no matter what it is. The doctors fear that he may have some sort of brain disease. As scary as that sounds they also said that it may be treatable. Nothing is set in stone right now-that is just their opinion so far. After we get all of his tests done we will go back and meet with the doctors to hear what they have come up with.

Cameron did wonderfully on the trip to Houston and was a perfect angel. We feel blessed to finally have found doctors that are willing to explore the other possibilities and not just brush Cameron off. They told us that Cameron's case is a difficult one and we have a long road ahead, but we are holding strong to our faith that we serve a big God and he will get us through this.

Please continue to pray for Cameron and our family. We have to drive back to Houston on Monday to have more blood drawn from Cameron's arm. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers because it isn't an easy process.

I will do my best to begin updating on here regularly.