Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cameron's Birthday

This post is way past due, but we have been very busy!

Cameron had a great birthday and a fun party. Thanks to everyone that came to celebrate with us. You can see all of the photos on my facebook page:!/album.php?aid=94995&id=1218453757

Cameron has been doing incredible in therapy. He seems to have really made progress since we first began. Just last week they started leaning him against the wall to help him learn his balance and he did so good. They also put him on a little step stool and he started pulling up on a rail almost all on his own with only a little bit of support.

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Hope Therapy we didn't have to purchase a gait trainer (walker) for Cameron. We are fortunate enough to get to borrow one from them. He is doing so great in it. He gets so excited that he is able to move all around on his own and Caden is thrilled that he has someone to play with. Caden rides his tricycle all around and it seems like Cameron tries to follow him.

We also went for yet another opinion on Cameron's condition since we have yet to receive a proper diagnoses. We took Cam to see Dr. Crisp in Temple and he seems optimistic and the amazing thing is that he got us in for another EEG this coming Tuesday and we even got scheduled for another MRI for October 4th which is phenomenal considering the other hospital told us they couldn't get us in until December.

I'm not too excited about actually having the test done, but the fact that they are getting us in so soon is encouraging. Our last EEG was tough, and it was only a 30 minute test. This one is 4 hours...yikes. Please keep Cameron in your thoughts and prayers for his test on Tuesday. The prep for his last EEG was horrendous so I am praying it is going to be easier on him somehow this time around.

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  1. Good luck, Jessica! Did the doctors ever tell yall anything from the last EEG that he had??

    I saw the pics and videos from Cameron's therapy and it looks like he is doing great!! I'm so proud of him!!