Monday, January 31, 2011

Look out!

Cameron seems to be full of surprises for us every day. It feels like with every post I am telling you all of new things Cameron is doing and I LOVE THAT!

Cameron has finally, after 6+ months of therapy learned to release. His therapists have been trying to teach him to release by trying to encourage him to put things into containers. He has never wanted to let go of whatever he had in his hand, but now all of the sudden he gets it! It's like a game to him. We are so proud!

Also, today at PT Cameron learned to throw! I don't know if most mom's get as excited as I am right now that their child learned to throw things, but I am so elated! His therapist asked me if he could throw a ball and I told her that he never had. So within 2 minutes she had him doing it. I was amazed. Cameron has never learned anything without tons and tons of repetition, but he changed that this morning!

I can't wait to see what his next MRI shows. I think there is more going on his that little noggin than we know of!

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