Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lots of news.

Last week we learned that our insurance had changed and that Cameron is only allowed 20 therapy visits per year. Cameron meets that in a single month so obviously we have had to cancel all therapy until we find a solution. We have always been turned down by government programs in the past but I am reapplying. It's all we know to do. We cannot afford to pay out of pocket for therapy so we are hoping to find help. Cameron will require therapy throughout all of his life and it is so important for him.

Also, last week we met with Brian from Care Source (awesome service!) and were talking about getting Cameron a bathing system for the tub. He has outgrown his baby seat now that he is a whopping 32lbs and he still requires support in the bath. We picked out the best one suited for Cameron's needs and then found out a few days later that the bath chair is not covered by our benefits either even if he needs it for medical reasons. Cameron also needs new leg braces because he has outgrown his first pair. Both of these things are very expensive as I'm sure you know. Everything for special needs children is.

We are wanting to do some fundraisers to raise money for these items and for Cameron's care as well as overnight trips to Houston for his doctor visits. His latest blood work is costing us over $3000 that we are on a payment plan for.

I don't mean for this to be all about money, but unfortunately that is our main problem lately. If you have any ideas for fundraisers or would like to help us get something started please comment below or contact me by email or Facebook. All help is greatly appreciated!

*right now we are having an Avon fundraiser!

Check it out here: http://shop.avon.com/shop/default.aspx?newdept=&s=Fund&c=repPWP&otc=201120&bnd=&setlang=1&ym_mid=&ym_rid=

Just be sure you have Cameron's event selected!

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