Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's been quite a while!

We've been going through a lot of changes over the past few months and Cameron has been up and down like a roller coaster.

Sad to say that Cameron's regressions are getting longer and more frequent. I don't know if we will be coming out of this one at all. I hate to sound negative, but its a fine line trying to stay positive and realistic simultaneously. It just seems as if we have started the decline.

This the third month of our current regression and every few weeks we drop another skill. He is having week long periods where he is refusing any food at all and only having formula. Thankfully, he has still been drinking regularly bc if he begins to dehydrate the doctors push for hospitalization. He fluctuates with his sleeping and eating issues and when he is in a rough patch he gets weak all around.

On a happy note we should be receiving Cameron's wheelchair any day now. We are so excited! Please keep us in your prayers that insurance will pick up and cover the claim because as you could imagine it is extremely expensive.

Also, the first ever Mitochondrial walk in central Texas is coming up! Mark your calendars for September 15th and join Cameron's team! Please help us get the word out about the walk.

Here is the link:

Despite his challenges Cameron remains his handsome happy self. He is a joy to be around and keeps us smiling every day.

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