Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's been a while

Wow. I feel like I have really neglected Cameron's blog!

Cameron is doing phenomenal. He is moving about everywhere and crawling so well! Cameron also began pulling up in his playpen last week which is obviously another HUGE step for my sweet boy. Sometimes I can hardly believe all that he is learning and doing. We were told he would never do any of this and yet I know that much more is to come.

Things happening in the Jordan household:

Cam is a little stingy with his kisses but that makes them even more special!

He is really enjoying feeding himself.

Cameron is pulling up! He gets onto his knees and then he pulls himself into standing!
Cameron is finally able to pester Caden as every little brother does and it is hilarious.

These goofy boys are having constant laughing fits while playing together every day and I absolutely love it!
Cameron is enjoying rolling the ball back and forth to big brother. He loves this game. These things may seem small to you, but they are huge for my little man's brain!

We are missing Cameron's Occupational Therapist, Lynea (she moved-good luck Lynea!)
As I was typing this email this is what Cameron was doing.
At least its only paper in there! He was very proud.

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  1. So happy to hear this great fantastic news!!!! I am still praying for you and your precious lil boy. Many blessings...