Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Baylor Bears

Having a snack this afternoon :)
We had a re-evaluation with one of the speech therapists at Hope Therapy today and I'm glad that they are going to start giving him speech therapy. The therapist said that she thought that Cameron would really benefit from it. We are anxious to help our little man communicate.

Cameron's Physical therapist, Haila, and his Occupational therapist, Ashely, are discussing leg braces. He has been having a bit of trouble with his right leg lately and now he seems to be dragging his feet a lot as well as turning them in.

He has been a happy boy lately. It seems like he is having more and more fun now that he is able to move around everywhere. He has always been such a sweet boy. He loves to snuggle his head into my neck for hugs. They are the best! 

I got a call from Memorial Hermann today (Cameron's hospital) about his impending tests. Before any test that uses sedation or anesthesiology they call and ask a million questions about his condition. Hopefully we will get a call from scheduling tomorrow. I hope it's not 4 months out like usual!

Caden's GiGi and Pop Pop got him a trampoline from one of our customers that didn't use it anymore and we surprised him with it today. He was so excited. It was priceless. I love seeing that grin! He jumped on it as long as we would let him. It's still so cold in the evenings! I am excited to get Cameron on it soon as well. They use the trampoline at physical therapy a lot to help Cameron become better aware of his balance and to teach him his protective responses.

We are going to start selling suckers soon as a fundraiser for Cameron's medical and his walker. If anyone would like to help sell them please email me. More details to come soon!

I had the awesome opportunity to see Kari Jobe at Antioch last Friday night. She is so INCREDIBLE! I got filled up and I know everyone in the room did as well. She has such a gift. She sings beautifully and also gave a great word!

The song that touched my heart the most was Healer. I have been playing and singing it with Cameron non-stop! :)

Hope you all enjoy it too!

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  1. Such an amazing song. And I know I told you this when I saw you last, but I just can't say it enough...YOU are AMAZING. I will continue to pray for you and your precious family! I hope to see you when I'm home at spring break!