Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Making therapy fun

Cameron attends occupational and physical therapy at Hope Therapy. We go Monday for OT, Wednesday for OT and PT and Friday for OT and PT as well. So, obviously we spend a lot of time there. If your child or a child you know needs therapy I highly recommend them. Everyone there is just so amazing. We have been blessed with wonderful therapists. The thing I have appreciated the most about this place is how much they care for Cameron. It's not just work for them. They love what they do and it shows.

Today Cam went for OT and PT and his therapists told me that he did great. They are both very optimistic and think he may even crawl soon. Even though we are worried about what the doctors say about Cameron becoming paralyzed it seems like our little guy just isn't quite ready to give up.

Enjoy these videos of my little one having fun with his PT Haila.

Cameron has been doing great these past few days. He is still having a difficult time teething, but he has been eating well and enjoys playing around the house in his Bronco Pony (special walker) that we are borrowing. Big brother Caden loves it when Cam is in his walker because he can then ride his tricycle along side and they both giggle like crazy to one another. I love seeing them laugh together.


  1. Such a Blessing! I LOVE seeing God at work! His very own angels helping him FIGHT :).

  2. Praying for your brave boy. He looks like he's got contagious joy.

  3. Well his Aunt Stacy sure is proud of him! He's everything that is lovely and wonderful! He makes Tuesdays & Thursdays nothing but sweet & fun!!! Praying for him constantly!

  4. I love, how in the second video, he's playing with his shoes at one point!! That boy loves him some shoes!!! That's my kinda boy! ; ) BIG hugs & kisses lil' man!